Inbuilt Services

Building stronger communities together for the benefit of future generations.

Based in Queensland and the Northern Territory, Inbuilt Services is a majority Aboriginal-owned construction company which specialises in remote area work. We strive to deliver high quality projects safely and efficiently, whilst maximising profit for our clients.


Specialising in remote construction projects in Queensland the Northern Territory, and across Australia.

Commercial construction

Industrial construction

Civil construction

Residential construction

Commercial fit-out

General labour hire

The Inbuilt Services team are remote construction specialists.

Our directors have been responsible for project delivery in remote locations such as Fraser Island, Stradbroke Island, Whitsunday Island and Tanami Gold Mine. We know what it takes to succeed in challenging climates and difficult-to-access locations.

We aim to engage with and employ people in the Indigenous communities in which we work.

As a majority Aboriginal-Torres Strait Islander-owned company, we are committed to giving back to our people. Our goal is to make a positive difference. We have extensive networks and relationships with landowners, Traditional Owner groups and the Indigenous community.